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parents & children painting together workshop at AtelierRoshi

parents & children painting together

parents & children painting together workshop

  • AtelierRoshi GmbH

Service Description

Transformative parent and child painting sessions, where meaningful connections are forged through the power of art. At our studio, we believe that painting together goes beyond just creating beautiful works of art—it creates a deeper bond between parents and children that words alone cannot fully express. These sessions provide a unique opportunity for parents and children to embark on a shared artistic journey. Through the act of painting side by side, a profound understanding and unspoken connection emerge, fostering a stronger relationship built on creativity, trust, and honest self-expression. These sessions create a safe and nurturing environment for parents and children to explore their creativity together. Provided age-appropriate materials and techniques, ensuring that both young and adult artists feel empowered to express themselves authentically. No prior artistic experience is necessary, as focus is on fostering a joyful and non-judgmental atmosphere where everyone can freely unleash their imagination. You can witness the magic unfold as colors blend, shapes take form, and the canvas becomes a visual rpresentation of the unspoken bond between parent and child. These sessions not only provide a memorable and enriching experience for families, but also equip them with a lifelong tool for communication, understanding, and emotional connection. New communication between the adult and child results from sharing creative experiences in this liberal, broadminded and fully supportive environment. The Painting Together Workshops will improve and strengthens the visual, verbal and conceptual skills of children. Participants can work on the painting projects individually at their own personal level or on a canvas together. Employing imagination, observation, critical-thinking and problem solving skills. Everyone is invited to experiment with materials and tools, making discoveries and expressing their ideas and feelings through painting. It is about having creative fun TOGETHER.

Cancellation Policy

to cancel or reschedule, please contact us at least 24 hours in advance. Thank you

Contact Details

  • Haldenstrasse 5, Baar, Switzerland

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