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“There is this amazing space before thoughts and feelings turn into words, that, inevitably, limit them.

It’s a magical space from which arise pure thought and emotion through which we grasp things before we rationalize them.

That is how sensation can be metabolized without putting a verbal tag on it.  One needs courage to look at things as a witness rather than an immediate manipulator, to hold that space between the birth of a sensation and its interpretation.

That space of seeing before naming is magical; it is liberating, pure and honest. It is magnificent because it is individual, very-very individual. No one can take it away from you or describe it for you. It doesn’t belong to anyone or anyplace or any rules or any books until we reduce it to a verbal form.


That space is the space of freedom, before we name it, thus it giving it a new meaning that “will make sense”.

I paint that space...

It is the freedom I owe myself. “


Roshanak Khalilian studied for her BA in Art & Literature, followed by art history studies at the Open University of UK. She continues learning history and history of art with the University of Oxford.

Her works evoke contrasting and even conflicting feelings and experiences: hope and death, wealth and poverty, joy and sadness, the light and the dark aspects of hope in life. They reflect the ambiguity and fullness of human nature and the power of hope.

She describes her work as capturing the unsaid, the ineffable, the unspoken.

- Olga Alfonsova-


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