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children group painting classes

children group painting classes

children painting classes

  • AtelierRoshi GmbH

Service Description

Empowering Minds, Nurturing Souls Passionate, with an unwavering commitment to shaping young minds instilling the values of resilience, self-expression, and growth in the hearts of children. In today's fast-paced and technology-driven world, we understand the importance of nurturing the creative potential of our children. That is why we need to highlight the transformative benefits of practicing and learning painting and art for young minds. Art is not merely a pastime; it is a powerful vehicle for self-expression and personal growth. By encouraging children to explore their artistic capabilities, we empower them to tap into their imagination, think critically, and develop essential life skills that extend far beyond the canvas. the belief that teaching is not merely a transfer of knowledge, but a transformative journey of self-discovery for both teacher and student. Inspired by these, embracing the role of an empathetic guide, supporting children as they navigate the complexities of life and art. Through the lens of art, we begin to understand that beauty can be found in every corner, that mistakes are merely steppingstones, and that life is an ever-evolving process. This awakening inspiring to share this newfound wisdom with children, laying the foundation for their future role as a fulfilled human. One of core teachings at AtelierRoshi is the importance of embracing vulnerability and accepting imperfections. Empowering young students to understand that it's okay not to be okay at times, emphasizing that mistakes are invaluable learning opportunities. Through art, we foster a safe space for self-expression, allowing children to explore their emotions, confront challenges, and develop resilience and self-acceptance. Atelier Roshi is a place where kids are not pressured to conform to any imposed standards but are encouraged to free themselves from the pressures of the outer world at least temporarily, find peace in creativity, learn to work with colours and composition, foster curiosity about various art forms, as well as cultivate patience and often resilience needed to finish what they started. Children who are interested in painting and need direction, or, they would like to develop their artistic skills further and learn a new skill from scratch. Can join our classes... Classes are in small groups. Classes are for all levels.

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  • Haldenstrasse 5, Baar, Switzerland

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