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Renting art can offer a cost-effective way for individuals to enjoy a variety of artworks without committing to a long-term investment. It allows for flexibility in changing styles and experimenting with different pieces to suit evolving tastes. Renting also provides access to high-quality art that may otherwise be out of reach financially, making it a more inclusive option for art enthusiasts.

Start your rent

  • Choose a suitable painting and complete the form below. The rent can be paid monthly. The 20% deposit (of painting value) serves as security for the art work and you will get it back in full after the period of rental is over.


Delivery or collection

  • You can decide whether you want to pick up the artwork yourself from Atelier Roshi free of charge or have it sent to you within a few days. A delivery fee will be applied depends on the scale of art work and location.


Enjoy the original art on your wall

  • Hang the painting on your wall and enjoy the great moments with an original painting. You can enjoy the painting as long as you wish. If you would wish to purchase the art please send us an email. the last month of the rental fee can be deducted from the painting value.

To End the rent and return

  • You can end the rental at any time with a short email. The painting will be picked up from you for free of charge.


To become the owner of the art

  • If you don't wish to return the art and would like to be the owner of the piece, please send us a short email, you will receive an invoice for the purchase in-addition to the certificate of authenticity of the art work. Your deposit and the last month rent will be deducted and you can call yourself the proud owner of the art work.

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