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team planning painting workshop
teambuilding painting workshop
team planning - teambuilding and creative painting workshop
team performance - teambuilding and creative painting workshop



are the words that have entered the modern business world and are here to stay. Building internal teams, feeling of inclusion and belonging within a team, ​as well as effective partnerships with clients and vendors, is essential to the success of a company, however, not always easy. 


Art can help.

As it is our deepest need as humans to creativity and connection.

Creativity is what needed for Imagination to lead into innovation.Diversity is the key to

creativity, and creativity increases learning agility as well as mental agility​.



Increase your confidence in your creative abilities

Learn how to develop core solutions and how to manage the idea

Learn critical thinking and discovering creative solutions

How to inspire and how to be inspired

Improve your communications and thinking skills

Create a dialogue systematically for managing creativity and innovation in private or business life


Yes, with Art and design thinking and discovering your creative means.

I offer a variety of workshop modalities, depending on the company’s specific needs

and proposed theme. Here are just a few: 

“Teams at play”, “Braving the Unknown”,  “The Power of Experiment”,

“Women Leaders Unite”, “Making Art Together”, "and moving in one Direction".  ...

You can bring these workshops into your company as team-building practices and

stand-alone events. You can also bring them into your client or vendor interactions

to nurture existing partnerships and build new ones.

My workshops are designed to unleash creative potentials for Co-Creation. Increasing team-effectiveness and team-performance.

During team-building workshops, participant learn how to merge both sides of brain at once, they transcend their comfort zones to brave the wilderness of creativity, discovering their natural capacity for creativity while using imagination that will lead to innovation in work environment. Importantly, they do this together, practicing teamwork, planning, experimenting, changing course, persevering.  They learn to be perceptive and find a common language to reach the set goal. To be creative at workplace one needs to learn a system of managing the creative process for innovation. This is only possible if you recognize the system and then make use of it while putting it in the right forms and shapes.


Let’s practice the Art of Connection, Inclusion and Belonging. ...

Contact Me  to discuss the HOW

teambuilding and creative painting workshop
teambuilding and creative painting workshop


“We were lucky to have Roshi Khalilian as our Art Mentor at the Painting workshop at PSI’s core management meeting in October 2015. Roshi designed the idea, set up the logistics and ran the workshop with grace.  In fact, the workshop was so popular we may be repeating it in different countries around the world.

PSI is a service provider to biotech and pharma industry in the area of set-up and management of global clinical trials of new pharmaceuticals. This means that challenging assignments involving result driven team work are at the core of what we do.  As the company spreads and grows in new parts for the world, we face many global opportunities and challenges. It is important for us to remain consistent about our strengths and dreams in pursuit of operational excellence world-wide. The idea of the workshop was born out of PSI’s resolve to climb tough mountain peaks, both literally and figuratively. The team of 100 people comprised of senior company management, country managers and department heads from all over the world received a challenge. Country managers each had a canvas and a randomly assigned team and were tasked with creating a PSI mountain that, on the one hand would be beautiful on its own on their office wall, while, on the other hand, would fit into the global, consistent mountain range should all canvases be put together.

Roshi guided us  through the work with nicely balanced operational instruction, enthusiasm and positive energy. In fact the energy and drive that she managed to create in her introduction was really wonderful. Even the most artistically shy, skeptical or reserved participants quickly warmed up to the idea and found a way to relax into it, enjoying the process and the result.

Roshi’s secret is excellent technique combined with love for the work and confidence in everyone’s creative potential. She creates an inspiring environment where otherwise serious business people relax into the idea of making art, get on their hands and knees and become all excited about it. Her instructions are precise yet generous. Her style is open, friendly and constructive. We loved working with her and hope we can do it again.”



Olga Alfonsova   |   Global Head of Business Development   |   PSI CRO


"As part of our quarterly team event we have worked with Roshi to create an inspiring, motivational art workshop. We were a group of ~20 people within a finance services department. During our regular quarterly meetings, we usually touch on business topics. This time we decided to do something different. Something fun. Something liberating and something energetic.

We chose to work with Roshi because of her success in organizing corporate workshops for large groups and because of her positive energy. She believes in using colors and abstract shapes to tell stories. She clearly is a skilled artist, but she also has a very good understanding of corporate cultures, ways of working and needs. The workshop we designed for our team was a joint effort, with great guidance from Roshi.

During the workshop, Roshi guided where needed with advice, and stepped back as appropriate. She moved fluently between groups and was very perceptive on how much input was needed. Without her enthusiasm and expertise we couldn’t have achieved what we did.

As a team, we took away a fantastic piece of work that is now proudly displayed in our office which helps us to look back on a great event. We also gained insight in our ways of working, and how we can move forward as a team.

From all angles this team event was a success, which is recognized by our senior leaders. No doubt we will be looking at doing something out of the box more often. I cannot recommend Roshi highly enough."

Thank you!



"Roshi is a great facilitator, with positive energy and a light and inspiring way to bring "common people" to produce "great artistic" results. Me and my team enjoyed

creating with her our master piece."


Caroline Pfeiffer Marinho

Managing Director Germany & Switzerland at Lee Hecht Harrison

Supporting Talent to Develop and Businesses to Perform

teambuilding and creative painting workshop
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