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artclasseszug: Adults and Children online Zoom art-courses


Abstract drawing/ painting

with color pencils - Tuesdays


Islamic Art (c.622-1900)

Definition, History, Characteristics - Tuesdays

  • Brief Definition of Islamic Art

  • Main Elements of Islamic Art

  • Influence of the Religion of Islam on Culture

  • Islamic Decoration

  • History of Islamic Art

  • Umayyad Art (661-750), Abbasid Art (750-1258)

  • Umayyad Art in Spain, Fatimid Art in Egypt (909-1171)

  • Seljuk Art in Iran and Anatolia (Turkey)

  • Mongol Art (c.1220-1360)

  • Timurid Period (c.1360-1500)

  • Ottoman Art (c.1400-1900)

  • Safavid Art in Iran (c.1502-1736)

  • Mughal Islamic Art in India


Landscape drawing /painting

with color pencilsTuesdays

19-Echoes .jpg
Rothko - Mark.jpg

Abstract Art and Paintings:

A General Guide - Definition, Types, History, Characteristics - Tuesdays

  • Definition

  • What is the Idea Behind Abstract Art?

  • Types

  • Origins and History

  • Stone Age Abstract Painting

  • From Academic Realism to Abstraction

  • Kandinsky & Expressionism Demonstrate The Power of Color

  • Cubism Rejects Perspective and Pictorial Depth

  • Surrealist and Organic Abstraction

  • Abstract Expressionism - More Color, No More Geometry

  • Europe: Art Informal & Tachism

  • Op-Art: The New Geometric Abstraction

  • Postmodernist Abstraction

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