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Art Studio offering children & adults painting classes and workshops in groups as well as in private sessions, our mission is to help participants  unlock their potential, nurture curiosity and cultivate the freedom of self-expression with full freedom.

Artist run Art Gallery showcasing merging professional artists.

A creative space available for events and occasions.

original painting created by Artist in Baar - Zug. Art Collectors - Art Buyers - Home Deco - Art Deco - Homes - Painting - Acrylic Painting - Original Art
"the space of freedom, before we name it, before giving it a new meaning that “will make sense. I paint that space... It is the freedom I owe myself.

capturing the unsaid, the ineffable, the unspoken." – Roshi

ART will save us all!

Haldenstrasse 5 Entrance H18 - UG 6340 Baar Switzerland


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