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Art Studio offering children & adults painting classes and workshops in groups as well as in private sessions, our mission is to help participants  unlock their potential, nurture curiosity and cultivate the freedom of self-expression with full freedom.

Artist run Art Gallery showcasing merging professional artists.

A creative space available for events and occasions.

artwork by Roshi khalilian art to buy and art to collect

"Embarking on a transformative journey through the canvas of perception. Before we pick up the brush, the world around us lies dormant, unseen. As strokes bring life to the canvas, intricacies unfold, revealing the grandeur hidden in simplicity. In these details, humility blossoms, and gratitude becomes our guiding light. Through the art of seeing, we discover the vastness within the seemingly minute. Embrace this path, and witness the profound beauty that elevates life to a symphony of fulfillment.

Traveling into the realm of perception, where the ordinary transcends into the extraordinary. In the silence before the stroke of a brush, the world rests in obscurity, waiting to be unveiled. As artistic expression takes form, intricate details emerge like whispers of beauty, transforming the mundane into the magnificent. It is in the act of painting or drawing or creating any other art that we transition from mere observation to profound seeing. Every stroke reveals the essence of what once seemed insignificant, and through this revelation, a sense of awe blankets our existence. This newfound awareness nurtures humility, as we realize the vastness concealed within the smallest facets of life.

With each detail brought to life on the canvas, a cascade of gratitude unfurls. Gratitude not just for the art created, but for the very act of seeing and understanding. The journey of artistic creation becomes a journey of self-discovery, leading us down a path illuminated by the interplay of light and shadow. This cultivated sense of humility and gratitude becomes a guiding force, steering us towards a life more richly lived. As we unlock the profound beauty within the seemingly trivial, fulfillment takes center stage, turning existence into a harmonious symphony of appreciation and creativity." – Roshi

ART will save us all!

Haldenstrasse 5 Entrance H18 - UG 6340 Baar Switzerland

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